Madeline the Edifying (zdashamber) wrote in snarky_haiku,
Madeline the Edifying

The driveway is clean enough to sunbathe on

Dear landlady: Will
I wash dirt off the driveway...?
...Which is ...outside? ...No.

It breaks my heart, too,
That the outside is tainted
With dirt. But still, no.

In the fall the rains
Will wash this dirt clear, and bring
New clean dirt in trade.
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I feel your pain. There was a shed on our property when we moved in. It was full of bees, so we never used it. One day, my landlord leaves a note saying that he demolished that eyesore but it's my responsibility to clean it up. I left a note telling him to say it to my face.

He never did.
It's just sort of (endearingly?) baffling, to me. The outside is where dirt lives.

It's less endearing that she has people come by every month and spray poisons, even after I sent her mail asking that she not. Come on. The outside is not the inside. It's ok if there are bugs there.
Oh, I feel your pain
Futile efforts, pointless
Fucking real estate.
The outside and the
inside differ. Attachment
leads to suffering.

Also, I love your LJ handle. :)